• International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating

    Turnitin is committed to providing the most effective educational tools to protect intellectual property and promote academic integrity. In alignment with the commitment to ethics in education, we’re supporting the 2nd Annual International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating.

    To recognize the International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating on October 18th and share its importance, we interviewed Tricia Bertram Gallant, Transition Co-Chair for the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI). Tricia joins us to raise awareness about the rise of contract cheating and offer ways for institutions and stakeholders to combat this growing phenomenon.

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  • Researching the Nuts and Bolts Behind Revision Assistant

    At Turnitin, we’re big fans of research—user research, market research, scholarly research. We’ll take it all. While there are a number of internal teams that conduct research, the New Technologies team plays a unique research role at the company. This team consists of our machine learning experts, and they investigate future potential uses of machine learning in edtech as well as the effectiveness of our existing products.

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  • Connect with Turnitin at EDUCAUSE

    Here at Turnitin, we’re settling into fall and getting excited about our favorite higher education edtech conference. Turnitin is shaking things up in Philadelphia by sharing some innovative ways to keep your institution's reputation top of mind. If you're looking for new ways to protect your institution, then you won’t want to miss Turnitin Feedback Studio at EDUCAUSE. Our leading solution safeguards the reputation of over 15,000 higher education institutions.

    Here are two easy ways to stay connected with Turnitin at EDUCAUSE.

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  • 3 Challenges and 3 Strategies: Des Moines Public Schools and Revision Assistant

    Jeremy Schwennen, Curriculum Coordinator for Secondary Literacy at Des Moines Public Schools, and his fellow administrators identified that writing simply wasn’t happening enough in the middle and high school classrooms at Des Moines Public Schools (DMPS). While writing instruction was not directly embedded into existing district initiatives, all stakeholders agreed that students needed to be able to organize and communicate their thoughts in order to be successful in secondary school, college, and beyond.

    Last month, Schwennen hosted a webcast with Turnitin that detailed not only the challenges that DMPS encountered with writing instruction but also the strategies teachers and administrators employed in response to these challenges. Schwennen identified that three primary obstacles stood in the way of making writing a routine part of every classroom:

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  • National Book Month

    Because Turnitin is dedicated to authentic writing and academic integrity, it should come as no surprise that the company is full of people who love books. In honor of National Book Month, we’ve crowd-sourced some book recommendations from our team members. Here are six books that you should read, as told by the Turnitin team:

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  • #Reason2Write: We Have a Winner!

    It’s hard to believe that six weeks have passed since the Back-to-School season began in earnest and our #Reason2Write campaign has come to end. Thank you for taking the time to share what motivates you to write. Responses were heartfelt and entertaining, and our team is endlessly grateful that writing matters to all of you just as much as it does to us.

    Without further ado, we are pleased to announce that the winner of #Reason2Write 2017 is Reggie Evans. Here’s what he shared:

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  • Write with Us Wednesdays: A Retrospective

    Over the past two months we have reserved Wednesdays on the blog for the practitioners. We’ve highlighted product updates, feature use cases, and curricular strategies to support educators throughout the first few weeks of Back-to-School.

    Just case you missed a postit's a busy time of year, after allwe’ve compiled the series of articles below. Take a walk down (short-term) memory lane with us, browse through the descriptions, and discover all the varied ways you can improve writing and ensure academic integrity with Turnitin.

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  • Celebrate Punctuation! Period.

    Get your keyboards and pens ready, Turnitin-ers. Yesterday, September 24th, marked National Punctuation Day - a day for throwing punctuation into the spotlight, and subsequently, hurling its misuse under the bus.

    Our in-house writers spend many a moment scrutinizing their spelling, punctuation, and grammar to ensure that they all get along swimmingly. This all-important triad is the cornerstone of every great piece of writing, from an effective essay to the famous works of literature we read and reread time and time again.

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  • Learning > Logistics: Three Things You Can Do with Turnitin and Kannu


    Welcome to Write with Us Wednesdays. Classrooms all over the world use Turnitin’s offerings to improve writing, prevent plagiarism, and support academic integrity. Every Wednesday, the blog posts are for the practitioners. Check back each week for product updates, creative use cases, and tales from the field. This blog post originally appeared on Kadenze's blog

    The beginning of a new school year is an undeniably exciting time as a fresh wave of students arrives on campus. It’s tempting to ride the momentum of this excitement and launch straight into learning, but sometimes course management needs and institutional policies must come first. This effort to simplify online course administration requires not only a thoughtfully designed LMS but also rich integrations with high-quality educational technology tools.

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  • What's New with Feedback Studio

    Welcome to Write with Us Wednesdays. Classrooms all over the world use Turnitin’s offerings to improve writing, prevent plagiarism, and support academic integrity. Every Wednesday, the blog posts are for the practitioners. Check back each week for product updates, creative use cases, and tales from the field.

    The beginning of fall marks the end of a summer full of improvements for Turnitin Feedback Studio! Thanks to input from administrators, instructors, and students, we’ve improved the product experience on a variety of fronts. Check out what’s new with Feedback Studio, and get prepared for the latest round of paper submissions.

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  • International Literacy Day

    This year, the theme for International Literacy Day is “Literacy in a Digital World.” This topic resonates deeply with Turnitin. The ever-changing digital landscape prompts us to constantly reflect on how advances in technology affect writing instruction, attribution, and academic integrity.

    Today, in honor of International Literacy Day, we offer a few simple strategies to help you and your students maintain integrity as you navigate writing, citing, and collaborating in this increasingly digital world.

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