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The biggest benefit we are seeing from using
GradeMark is that it's making our work easier.
It's taking a lot of the administrative burden off the
academic staff. It's also making the conversation
between students and tutors a lot clearer.

Dr. Cath Ellis
Formerly of University of Huddersfield

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A National strategy for addressing student plagiarism

In 2001 concerns about the ‘cut and paste’ culture prompted the UK to take proactive steps to establish a national approach to this growing problem, which would see educational institutions implement policies and procedures to address plagiarism and promote academic integrity. An integral part of this strategy was to embed the text matching software, Turnitin into institutional policy and practice. Over a decade later there is evidence to suggest that use of Turnitin alongside a review of assessment and institutional policy and practice has been effective in reducing unoriginal essay content as submitted to the software and has also had a positive impact on general awareness of the issue and the student learning experience.

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