Streamline Peer Reviews

Students don't just learn from instructors they also learn from one another. Turnitin Feedback Studio facilitates peer review so that students can evaluate each other's work and learn from their classmates.

Watch the Demo of Turnitin Feedback Studio's Peer Review

Peer Review

Easy Distribution

Distribute work online to allow peers to review each other's work anytime. It's easy and efficient even for
the largest classes.

Anonymous Reviews

Customize the peer review process to fit the workflow
of your classroom through options such as anonymous peer reviews.

Standard or Custom Assessment Questions

Ensure students stay on track and provide the right
kind of feedback with standard or customized
assessment questions.

Improve Critical Thinking

Develop students' critical thinking skills and empower them to share and help other students in the classroom.

View One Comprehensive Report

Instructors can easily move between or overlay originality results, grading marks and peer review comments to gain a fuller understanding of the student's work and avoid grading submissions that contain a high level of unoriginal content.

24/7 Access from a Web Browser

Turnitin Feedback Studio is completely online and available anytime through a standard web browser.