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Educator Spotlight

Using Self and Peer Feedback to Improve Academic Writing

Salim Razi

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education:

Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey

Salim teaches academic writing to English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University in Turkey, and for the past five years has used Turnitin to address increasing levels of unoriginal work at the university and promote academic integrity.

Engaging learners with online feedback

Earle Abrahamson

Senior Lecturer in Sports Therapy:

University of East London, UK

As a Senior Lecturer in Sports Therapy at the University of East London, UK Earle teaches in a very practical subject area where students often struggle with the concepts of academic writing. Earle uses Turnitin to model good academic writing for his students enabling them to understand that feedback is integral to the the learning process and not merely a by-product.

Global Innovation Awards

University of the Southern Caribbean LATAM

University of the Southern Caribbean, Trinidad y Tobago

Ganador: Moving Forward with Integrity 2017
Linda Ocampo LATAM

Linda Ocampo

Ganadora: Writing with Integrity 2017
Blue Hill College LATAM

Blue Hill College, Ecuador

Ganador: Partners in Success 2017
Lyndsay Stanton

Lyndsay Stanton

Academic Integrity Award Winner 2015
Catalina Londoño Cadavid

Catalina Londoño Cadavid

Student Engagement Award Winner 2015
Muhammad Athar Hussain

Muhammad Athar Hussain

Student Engagement Honorable Mention 2015

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In November 2015 Turnitin and local agents Balani Infotech teamed up to run a series of awareness...

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Panel members discuss academic integrity
In November 2015 Turnitin and local agents Balani Infotech teamed up to run a series of awareness raising events throughout India to share good practice from colleagues in the region and beyond. Guest speakers and academics from Delhi, Bhubaneswar and Bangalore shared proactive approaches to promoting academic integrity from their students to promote a vision of Turnitin as a formative tool to support the academic writing process.

The well attended events provoked lively discussions between invited speakers and delegates and went some way to developing an active community of scholarly practice on the subject. As one delegate commented:

“As more and more research and development goes on in our country, be it is scientific or otherwise, and original thoughts and content is encouraged from scholars, an awareness of academic integrity is very important.”

During the event in Bangalore delegates were able to meet with two of our Global Innovation Awards finalists from the Asia region who were able to present their experiences. Student Engagement Award winner Manju Naika from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay presented his view as a librarian tasked with offering guidance on using Turnitin to students at his university and Academic Integrity Award Honorable Mention Badrinath HR discussed the challenges he faces at Alliance University in raising awareness in a diverse cultural environment.

The events coincided with the the launch of a Turnitin Global Effectiveness study which showed Indian higher education institutions using Turnitin enjoyed an overall 49% decline in unoriginal student writing based on around one million submissions from universities in the region to date. The study also indicated embryonic interest in using Turnitin for online grading and feedback from institutions in India.