Turnitin Announces Finalists for Award Program

36 Schools and Educators Recognized for Effective Grading and Addressing Plagiarism

OAKLAND, Calif. (Feb 26, 2014) -- Turnitin, the leader in originality checking and online grading, today announced 36 finalists for the Turnitin All-Stars award program comprised of educators and institutions that have demonstrated excellence and success in effectively using Turnitin to support student learning.

"After reviewing over 250 nominations, we conducted in-depth interviews with many nominees to capture their experiences and stories," said Ray Huang, senior customer programs manager for Turnitin. "We learned how innovative educators are using Turnitin to engage students in their work and save themselves countless hours of grading."

On March 19th, six educators will be recognized as Turnitin All-Stars for their success in efficiently providing rich feedback on student work, actively addressing academic integrity, and readily facilitating adoption of Turnitin. Additionally, six schools will be honored with awards for utilizing Turnitin to engage students, dramatically improving results and usage over several years, and effectively reducing unoriginal writing. Winners and finalists will have their stories showcased and shared with the educational community on Turnitin.com.

"I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to be a Turnitin All-Stars finalist," said Audrey Wick, professor of English at Blinn College and MVP All-Star finalist. "It is an honor to be recognized after piloting the software 10 years ago and seeing it now used across our
four campuses."

Visit Turnitin All-Stars to learn more and see the list of finalists.