Turnitin Global Innovation Awards 2018

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Save time

We understand that teaching staff are under an incredible amount of time pressure, with much of that time consumed by marking and authenticating work. Find out how Turnitin Feedback Studio can help you save time and work more efficiently.

Online grading with Turnitin

Thirty-three percent less time spent grading
Fifty-two percent increase in feedback quality

Engage students

In today’s digital learning environment, using technology to streamline workflows and engage students with formative feedback is no longer an option. It is essential!

Smarter feedback with Turnitin

Raise integrity

We understand that raising integrity and working more efficiently is on the agenda at many institutions. Find out how Feedback Studio can help to raise standards.

Promoting originality with Turnitin

Seventy percent decrease in un-original content

Supporting over 15,000 institutions, 1.6 million instructors, and 26 million students.

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Success stories

It absolutely will make your life easier and solve problems

Cranford College
Barbara Lodge

Cranford College

"Turnitin made marking, checking for original work, and cross referencing student work much easier. The students were fascinated and engagement increased. This allows them to take greater responsibility over their work, rather than using cut and paste and helps them to build a better set of skills for future application."

Rafeya Akhtar-Lais

The biggest benefit we are seeing from using online grading with Turnitin is that it's making our work easier.

Formerly of University of Huddersfield
Dr. Cath Ellis

Turnitin encourages and promotes academic integrity by highlighting the importance of academic citation...

Blackburn College
Miss Stephanie Haworth (BA Hons, PGCE, MIH) Lecturer

Blackburn College

"Turnitin encourages and promotes academic integrity by highlighting the importance of academic citation. Turnitin is a mechanism for promoting this amongst the student body and monitoring students’ use of citation. Turnitin also enhances the teaching and learning experience with the use of online grading and peer review when constructing meaningful student feedback."

Miss Stephanie Haworth (BA Hons, PGCE, MIH) Lecturer